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It's not always easy to find things I really wanna work on. Being a perfectionist and wanting to evaluate everything before starting doesn't help either. Fortunately, I did manage to complete and even blogged about some of them, so here is the small list.

  • Ajensha Consulting
    My very first freelance project, for which I learnt Ruby on Rails.
  • Heka Plugin - BigQuery
    A plugin written in Golang for `Wego`. It is a Heka plugin that consumes data form a Kafka stream that periodically uploads into BigQuery.
  • UCSC Squash Feeds
    Mobile-first, fake-it-till-you-make-it kind of site that mimics the experience of a mobile app. This was originally meant for the updates for our annual squash league. Best viewed on a mobile app!
  • Tinytasks
    A quick prototype app for managing tasks written in EmberJS