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Boa Ho Man is currently a software engineer with Tulip - a manufacturing app platform to help digitize factory shop floors through smart apps. He was previously with Pocketmath, Honestbee and Wego and has been through different stacks including Ruby/Rails, Node/React/JavaScript, Golang and Python.

He graduated from a 4 years Computer Science program at National University of Singapore in 2011. He spent the next two years on an adventure to co-found a SaaS company to work on a BI-charting solution for medium-sized businesses. Since, he has continued full-stack web development at a number of high-growth start ups such as Wego and honestbee.

He is passionate about software engineering and artificial intelligence (mainly applied machine-learning) and intends to further his technical knowledge in these fields with a master's degree in the near future.

Or contact him at via gmail.